James Allen penned As a Man Thinketh, one of the most famous self-help books ever. Over 100 years later, with a few minor language corrections (As a Person Thinketh), the meat and bones of this motivational masterpiece is still one of the most important processes we can master, the Art of “I Can”

I am typically an upbeat, glass half full, “everything is fine” kinda guy. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t have issues, problems, everyday life stuff to deal with, it just means that I try to take a positive approach.

I’ve learned that when I hear myself speaking positively (or hear my positive thoughts) I tend to have better results than when I allow negativity to lead.

As I was putting the final touches and edits to “Who do you think your are?” we were self-quarantining to contain Covid -19 (Coronavirus). People are scared. Really scared. Honestly, I am also a bit pensive and nervous. Still, I find myself consistently saying, “Everything is going to be alright. Just stay positive and stay prayerful.”

I wrote “Who do you think you are? to encourage you, to remind you, to affirm you and to lift you. Life is not always everything that we dream of. Some days will be awesome and others will be, well, let’s just say not awesome. But, with the right attitude and approach we can make it through even the not-so-awesome days with hope.

I hope as you scroll through the daily vibes you’ll read something that inspires you, empowers you, and challenges you. I want you to know that “you can!”

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With guidance, insights, and energy for nurturing positivity, mental wellness & spiritual healing.

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    "A book of affirmations... a book to help us figure out what direction to take in certain situations..."

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    "Everyone needs a place to go when life sends its challenges, and this book provides that pace of respite..."